Monday, September 10, 2012

Well, the little things you say and do, make me want to be with you

Spent the weekend on an island for my cousin's bachelorette party. It was lovely, but I feel ready to drop dead upon returning... We were treated to not just guests' playlists but the host's neighbors were also having a backyard party and had a live folk band ensemble, which was just delightful. And then we listened to some more good selections this morning over brunch and Uno. One of which was the following, which has always been a favorite, and is kind of a nice selection for pre-wedding festivities (or at a wedding).

Rave on, it's a crazy feeling
And I, I know it's got me reelin'
When you say I love you, rave on
Rave on, it's a crazy feeling
And I, I know its got me reelin'
I'm so glad that you're revealing your love for me
Rave on, rave on, tell me, tell me not to be lonely
Tell me, you love me only, rave on to me

"Rave On" - M. Ward (Buddy Holly cover).  What do we think of the papercut/3d animation? I think it's adorable. Cutesy without going too overboard. Enjoy this warm embrace of a song as you start your week!

Friday, September 7, 2012

My record may say it, but no one will play it

Willie Nelson is a national treasure. Gonna see him tonight at the fair, and I am sooooooo thrilled.
The man is a gem.

His latest, Just Breathe - is an amazing, earnest Pearl Jam cover (the original, below, is also a gem). Not too shabby.

Here is the original with Eddie Vedder's melty voice....

Back to Willie, I actually have also always had a soft spot for the still recent (for him) Maria (Shut Up and Kiss Me) and it's cheezy video feat. Luke Wilson. It's so ridic. But beardy Luke Wilson lookin' cute and dopey!

And of course we couldn't enumerate all his many songs, for there are thousands, but how could anyone resist a song titled Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die:

And finally - one of my favorite songs - originally written/performed by Willie and then covered by the excellent and beloved band Cake - which is how I first heard and fell in love with it - Sad Songs and Waltzes. Swoon.

YAY!!!!! SO HAPPY :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A genus of between 151 and 350 species of mosses

Sleepy, dreamy, and with the best name ever. Stuck in my head since the weekend.
(The title is from Wikipedia entry on the first word of...)

"Sphagnum Esplanade" - The Shins

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hell Broke Luce

I was kind of hoping the many announcements were leading up to a tour, as Tom Waits is on my list of people I want to see before I die, but I guess a bleak video is good too!

"Hell Broke Luce" - Striking, grim, sad... got the anti-war thing going on...
It's just Dark and almost horror movie feeling, which seems to be the point. I love the boxy shark/subs. It's quite an epic video, and I think the image of him dragging that house around will stay in my head for a while. A not-so-cheerful way to start your day!!


I could walk all day on the railroad tracks...

...But there's much more to it than that.

I am slightly in love with Mirah. I like her duo work with her friend Thao, but her solo stuff is just lovely and almost perfect (You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This was just such a strong, classy debut). Great voice, and her lyrics are usually nice, thoughtful, sometimes very earnest, maybe a little sad at times.

The last line in the first verse of "Sweepstakes Prize" is what won me over. And this is the song of hers (because it was the first I heard, I think) that is often stuck in my head.

You remind me of a firework, boy,
You touch the ceiling, you touch the floor,
You sparkle and burn, but you take your time
And I bet I could carry you across state lines.

"Don't Die in Me" - an interesting handpainted fan vid...

"The Garden" - was featured on SYTYCD, I guess?

And in case you have nothing better to do, here is that performed on that show, just for the LOLZ -

More recently, she has been performing in Thao & Mirah - they are both talented and the songs are good, but I still think I prefer Mirah solo.

"Little Cup" 

I chose the strangest little cup
to drink you from and stir you up

"How Dare You"

Friday, August 3, 2012

Come out of the woodwork

... that means you, readers. Because it will be sad when this post languishes here sans any participation. Really sad.

But I can't stop listening to this song and I think it would make for fantastic movie montage music. (Yes, people already know this, it has been on like Grey's Anatomy and etc...)

The UK version of this video is more fun than the US version because she strips in a spaceship (cuter than it sounds). The US version has her 'breaking rules' which just comes off lame.

The operatic sampling, the build/climb of it... Tension, action, preparation! Regret? There are an awful lot of "I'm sorry"s...

So my challenge is - what scene in your long-cherished secretly half-written movie does this music score?

Personally, I see it as good building/action background music, as it kind of climbs and has that nice operatic sampling going on - so I see some kind of action or preparation going on. And I also read some dark but glowy evening sky and a lot of snow. Or a nice sparkly wet city scene, our heroine stalks through the city in her black trench coat while crowds flow around her and city lights cast deep shadows on her... The "I'm sorry" parts could lend itself to a tone of regret... I think the heroine maybe has to do something unpleasant - bad, or just morally grey... maybe set something in motion that she would rather not - rig something, play along with some kind of trick, find someone unsavory she needs, play a part she'd rather not to get something, revenge plot, leave something/someone behind... Admit she needs someone? Frame someone? (Someone who deserves it, naturally).

Final shot - something goes up in flames, while she stands in the background.

Cliché? Too dull? Your turn! (50 gold stars to the winner(s))

Thursday, August 2, 2012

And my superfreaky memories...

...are gone without a trace.

But the earworm remains.

Ahhhh Superfreaky Memories... only one of the best songs ever. It has found its way on to many an ancient mix cd that I have made. I not-so-recently let go of my beloved truck (my first vehicle, had it from age 17, paid for it myself and everything *sniff* memories *tear*), and I had to clean it out. Then I had to sift through the assorted decade+ of crap that had been floating around in it forever. I found quite a a number of old cds (obviously my truck only had a tape player, but there are workarounds). Anyhoozle, so I've been listening to a lot of my old cds and reminiscing. I am a huge fan of a good mix tape/cd/playlist and I am always thinking of posting some here. Maybe someday.

 But for now, please enjoy this favorite of mine.

This reminds me of being a lot younger, the wonders of the internet (and getting my brother to let me use napster on his computer and leaving it running all night) and the sheer joy of music discovery. Discovering things I liked. Liked by myself, without input from others.
Like cool warm mellow indie dreampop. (And some elegant strings.)

"Superfreaky Memories" - Luna